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Welcome to our resources page! 

The team at the Matthew 18 Group has put together resources for those interested in furthering their knowledge. These resources are helpful for parents, pastors, and teachers to understand the disturbing facts of sex education, while also offering useful tools for promoting God's plan for sexuality. 

To access the information by category, simply hover your mouse over the 'educational resources' button and a categorized menu will drop down for your convenience. This list is updated regularly so check back for the latest information! If you need specific information you cannot find here, feel free to contact us at the bottom of the home page.


My Book

10 Tips How Not To Talk To Your Kids About Sex can be found by clicking this button! It's  a resource for parents when it's time to talk about "the birds and the bees."

Purity Education 

Click here to find an extensive list of books, videos, children's books, teen books, parental resources, and relative American heritage.

Kinsey Resources

This is a valuable tool box for those looking for proof of the origins of sexual education as  presented by Alfred Kinsey. 





This is a collection of relevant articles relating to sex education, STD's, and even contraceptives. We recommend this page for the reader who likes extra details.


Audrey is often in a public spot light. This button will direct you to interviews, radio shows, and lins to her presentation in legislature. 



This is an extensive review done by Audrey.

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